Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rising cigarette prices - what's the solution?

Is it a common thing for you to always find yourself scrambling for that one last cigarette? Would you like to have an abundant supply of cigarettes and never run out? Well, let me tell you how you can do exactly just this.

Buy Marlboro cigarettes

If you're a veteran smoker and you don't want to burn a hole in your wallet as well (hehe) then you should buy cigarettes online, in bulk. Whether you smoke Marlboro, Kent or Camel, you can get any kind of brand from these stores which should help you save a lot of money. I have even bought Newport cigarettes online because they aren't available in my country and saved myself a great deal of trouble.

Because technology has advanced so fast in the last couple of years, buying duty free items online has become a reality. Now, you don't have to haul your bottom to the nearest cigarette store just to buy yourself a pack. You can sit in your comfy chair and sip a cup of coffee as you see your order go through and shipped directly to your footstep. It's much faster, and I would argue that it's more practical to buy cigarettes online. With just a couple of clicks, you can get ANY brand cigarettes, at reduced prices. You can even choose which area you would like to buy from. For example if you prefer Swiss cigarettes, you can order cigarettes made exclusively in Switzerland.

Buying online won't limit your options. On the contrary - you can get brands that aren't even available where you live. If you prefer to smoke Phillip Morris, Winston or other luxury brands, you can get these. Most of the time, there is no tax on these items, and since you're buying online, it will be much cheaper. Low prices and cigarettes. Who would have thought these two would be in the same sentence?

Buying cigarettes online will get you the same level of quality that you get with retail stores. Most shops offer regular and premium cigarettes, so it's up to you to decide. At a convenience store, you're forced to buy whatever is on sale as there isn't much choice available. You can check my website in the link above to get a list of reputable online cigarettes stores.

Stay sharp to save more. Never buy your cigarettes from one source only. With the list on my website, you will be able to select from a wide variety of stores that have different prices and promotions. These stores do not sell only cigarettes. They provide tobacco, cigars and spirits as well.

The shipping time varies but is usually less than a week. If you order more cartons, the savings you will make will be more notable. Online duty free cigarette stores have free worldwide shipping which is great as you won't have to pay any shipping fee. Combine this with no tobacco-tax on the actual items and you've got some really low prices for really great cigarettes. I know a bargain when I see it and this screams FIRESALE. I will provide some coupons to help you save more on cigarettes on these shops. Until next time.

Edward M.


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